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About us

For over 50 years, Canadian Optical Supply has prided itself on its commitment to providing customers with unparalleled service and superior products. Founded in 1951 by Fred and Judith Hochstadter, with the specific goal of offering something truly innovative to independent eye care professionals in Canada, and based in Montreal, COS is a family-run business that represents a wide variety of high-quality frames. They are also Silhouette's exclusive Canadian distributor since the brand was established in 1964. 

The heart of COS business lies in the relationship with each client.  The goal of the sales representatives and customer service team is to develop long-term, in-depth ties based upon customer-satisfaction and respect.  With every interaction, COS dedicates itself to delivering the exact results that customers desire and their needs require. When it comes to offering truly top of the line service, COS is nothing short of groundbreaking. To further elevate and ensure the quality of the finished product, whether it is a beautiful pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, the company installed its own finishing lab for the cutting and mounting of lenses along with providing advice to its client base. The in-house lab is one more way that COS has helped streamline the process for customers even further, creating a single contact point for all questions, concerns and feedback.