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COOP Advertising

COS is here to help with your advertising initiatives. We want to contribute to your advertising and marketing plans through our COOP program. The program allows you to diminish placement costs or graphic costs, as long as you agree to use, exclusively and in partnership, the logos and visuals of our brands.  Calculations are applied to determine initial funding, which will be available for the following 12 months. The COOP program is used when you are planning:
  • the purchase of advertising space in a local daily newspaper
  • the purchase of radio spots
  • the rental of a mailing list for a promotional email campaign
  • the rental of billboard advertising panels (exterior billboards)
  • the purchase of digital banners placed on popular Canadian consumer sites
To know more about the program, send an email to marketing@canadianoptical.com to receive the entire list of rules and conditions for the program. To treat your request as rapidly and efficiently as possible, please include your COS account number and mention COOP in the subject line of your email.

POP Material

COS offers a variety of visuals and sales support items.

Counter cards, banners, logo blocks, journals and catalogs are used to promote brand visibility and enhance point of sale displays. We also provide eye-catching towers that can accommodate a variety of frames for all our brands. Incorporated with security features to avoid theft, the towers provide a visually appealing presentation of our products. COS also offers the new version of the Silhouette’s Shop In Shop (SIS) concept which can host a bigger and wider assortment of styles. The SIS allows for a superior customer experience, an enhanced quality presentation and is a clever way to illustrate the brand’s values. COS believes it provides for a positive and memorable shopping experience.

Brand Expert

COS is focused upon the expertise of your employees and their relationship with our company. We suggest that you elect a brand expert from among your staff. Much more than a simple ambassador, the chosen brand expert is selected according to their special affiliation with one of our brands and the in-depth knowledge they have of the line. Within this optic, we will supply the expert with the latest model, according to choice and the availability of inventory, in order that they may represent the brand, as well as the products associated with it, on a daily basis. To benefit fully from this service, make sure to consult with our sales representative. If you would like to highlight your special attachment to our brands, please speak to them about our brand expert program.

Clear Focuses

The custom display program has been designed for showcasing your windows as well as your light boxes. Visual creation, delivery and installation of materials are included. The material is resistant to weathering as well as UV rays and is designed to allow natural light into your boutique. In addition, custom displays will in no way cause any damage to your windows. Please communicate with your COS representative to learn about the program today - it's entirely free of charge.