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We support our customers

Independent ECPs

In a highly competitive market, patient satisfaction is an ECP's greatest strength. That is why COS is committed to helping independent eye care professionals provide the highest level of service to their clients. Backed by years of experience and in-depth product knowledge, COS sales representatives work to offer an extensive array of eyewear solutions that beautifully matches the needs and expectations of their clients. Collaboration is at the heart of every COS relationship. The company prides itself on its ability to anticipate, understand and answer the challenges that ECPs face on a daily basis. Every step of the transaction process is meticulously monitored, ensuring that each client feels fully supported right through to the delivery of the final product.  Thanks to its in-house finishing lab, COS is able to ensure the highest level of quality and is right there to work hand-in-hand with its customers to discuss concerns, gain insights and find solutions.

Buying Groups

COS is committed to working in partnership with its buying groups. We are dedicated to fulfilling your needs and welcome all ideas that benefit your group and your members. If you are looking to generate more visibility, expand your reach and drive sales through different programs, we are ready to discuss strategies. To learn more, contact our Sales Department to schedule an appointment.

Sport Stores

COS is proud to offer the adidas Sport eyewear line to Canadian sports retailers. This exclusive line has been designed with top athletes in mind. Most of the designs are, in fact, co-created with input from some of the most talented athletes of our time. We pride ourselves on proposing a wide-array of eyewear solutions for almost every form of sports activity: ranging from road cycling to golf, and even extreme mountain climbing. The technology satisfies the most demanding athletic needs as well as the requirements of every day urban life. Our exclusive Performance collection is exactly that. Featuring a full range of performance functionalities, the majority of models are available in two sizes, to ensure a proper fit. Some models, including our most popular, even feature a third sizing option to reach an even greater audience. Specialty stores can choose from our different sports-oriented collections. At the opposite end of the spectrum lies the Essential collection, which boasts an ultra-sleek look. Popular with consumers, this collection features trendy colours at attractive price points. Essentials models should represent the largest segment of your adidas Sport eyewear collection offering.


In order to operate successfully, chain businesses function with streamlined processes and straightforward relationships.  COS understands these needs and has developed practices to better fit into a chain business model. As a Canadian distributor, COS would like to increase its involvement with chains and initiate innovative ideas with its Canadian partners. We are also committed to streamlining processes, reducing stock outages and transmitting key information about our brands and new collections in a more efficient and effective manner. We can help our chain partners compete by offering a wide variety of collections, from top brands through compelling house brands, as well as by collaborating on special branding projects.